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AwardsCon 2018

Hosted in Arlington, VA

The World of Awards Conference is an event for new and experienced awards directors, administrators, and aficionados. Over the course of 3 days and 15 talks, it’s designed to cover three foundational topics in the world of awards development and management:

  1. The principles, standards, and accepted practices in the awards realm;
  2. Strategic planning and management for awards programs; and
  3. Innovative methods for marketing awards in today’s digital age

Read on for summaries from seven of our 15 presentations to explore the World of Awards Conference and what you stand to gain from the program.

Social Marketing Through the Power of Award Recipients,Nicki Denick

Social marketing in today’s online realm is driven by content, authentic, audience-driven conversation, and an understanding of the rules of engagement. What begins with strategy leads to conversion, conversation, engagement, and an authentic brand presence. In this presentation, learn how you can leverage social media to drive awareness and engagement for your brand.

Check out the full presentation for more details.

Effective Communication for Awards – 20 Years of Growing an Association Awards Program, Jennifer Sizemore

An awards program is critical to membership growth. Not only do awards help you recruit existing and new members to your organization, it also promotes membership retention as you deliver what members want throughout the program. In this presentation, learn how you can leverage awards as a catalyst for organizational growth and retention.

Check out the full presentation for more details.

Creating a Toolkit for Effective Marketing, “The Art of the Call for Entry”, Timothy Spell

Your awards website, marketing strategy, judges, awards staff, and sales strategy all tie in to the critical call for entry period in your program. Each integrates with the other elements to create a captivating experience that motivates potential entrants to engage with a program when done properly. In this presentation, you’ll get the information you need to harmonize these elements into your best call for entry yet.

Check out the full presentation for more details.

Lemelson-MIT Program, Marlena Martinez Love

Every great awards program evolves over time. Join Marlena Martinez Love as she details the growth and development of the Lemelson-MIT program and the changes that took place along the way, some of which include: the name of the program, categories, judging rubrics and feedback, and recruitment efforts. By the end of the presentation, you’ll see just how far your program can go too!

Check out the full presentation for more details.

Case Studies of Strategic Plans, Andrew Rathmann-Noonan

Join Andrew Rathmann-Noonan, Felicia F. Dixon, and James Glownia as they discuss the American Chemical Society National Awards Program with regard to its background, awards cycle, challenges, current and future endeavors, and more! By understanding this program’s trajectory, you can gain better perspective on your own and your potential path.

Check out the full presentation for more details.

Embracing Legacy in the 21st Century, Beth Scheraga

The Franklin Institute Institute seeks to inspire a passion for learning about science and technology. Through its rich legacy, the awards program reinforces the goal of the organization and celebrates excellence in a multitude of awards categories. Get the rich history behind this program and glean valuable insights for your program by following the link below!

Check out the full presentation for more details.

General Discussion, All Speakers

Check out a general discussion with Jennifer Sizemore, Michael Gallagher, Nickie Denick, and Timothy Spell in this full presentation.

Want to Learn More About the World of Awards Conference?

Learn more about the conference and view all of the presentations linked above by clicking here.